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KC Solution provides you with, among other things, a portable office, which will make your business more flexible. It is based on a modular building technology and, as a result, it can be moved to another location without much effort. At the same time, it is solid and safe for your employees and customers. Such cabins are also constructed much faster than traditional buildings and cost remarkably less than them. To make sure they are selling a reliable product, KC Solution examines every portable office before sending it to a client. More on:

KC Cabin Solution
Newpark Business Park ST5 7HT Newcastle under Lyme
07443 564 451

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If you are searching for professional IT outsourcing companies, you should contact CodeConcept as soon as possible. Thanks to their immense experience and broad knowledge, they are able to perform many useful services associated with programming. For instance, they can design and implement a highly efficient application, library or a custom driver. They have realised many successful projects so far, for healthcare, mass transit and eCommerce, to mention but a few. They are able to use Java, C++, Visual Basic, C# and other programming languages.

CodeConcept Sp. z o.o.
Toszecka 101 44-100 Gliwice
32 230 02 90