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London Sound Solutions Ltd offers studio soundproofing and a variety of residential services focused on insulating houses and apartments against the unwanted noises. Each project they take on is examined in detail and then professionally planned, including the type of materials used for its completion. The company works closely with the client to ensure it meets his expectations. The full range of its services can be found on the website, along with the contact info and the pictures of completed projects.

Studio soundproofing

Studio soundproofing is a service directed at music producers and musicians who want to create a dedicated space for making art. The company has to carefully analyse the building designated for this space and decide what materials are going to serve their purpose best. They are going to make sure the walls are properly insulated, as well as the ceiling and the floor to achieve the best sound quality. Each recording studio is designed individually to meet the clients needs and preferences, while making it a creative space.

London Sound Solutions Ltd
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